Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hiding the Stranger in Hickory Valley, Part Four

Mary walked back toward Jennifer and her group. “Doctor Smith is on the third floor. He will be right down. They are going to need a parent or guardian to sign for Sam. Please get someone to come here as soon as possible,” she directed. “The receptionist, Mrs. Miller, will let you use the phone, and you can sit over here while you wait.” She indicated a row of chairs. They were empty except for an older man in tan work clothes. He appeared to be filling out a hospital form.

“I have to go now and help one of the nurses. I’ll try to check back later and see how your cousin is doing,” she added and headed down the hall.

Hank looked at Jen and then at Katie. None of them had ever come to the emergency room without a parent before. None of them had thought about needing a grown-up’s signature. He turned and put his hands up in a what-now type of gesture.

“What do you think we should do?” he asked Jennifer. “I guess we should try and get hold of Mom or Dad,” he answered himself.

Before she could reply, they heard Mrs. Miller talking to a nurse who had just come into the lobby. The nurse was wearing blue scrubs and had a stethoscope around her neck. “Chief Benson just called,” stated the receptionist. “He said that some men from Chicago are looking for a run-away boy. The chief said that the boy is about fifteen. He wants us to call if anyone like that shows up at the hospital.”

Katie looked at ‘Sam’ and said, “Uh, oh, do you think the doctor and nurses will believe that you are our cousin, or will they call the police?”

“I don’t know, but I can’t take that chance until I find out what is going on.” The boy that they were now calling Sam stood up. “I think I’ll be all right. I’m not dizzy anymore and my headache isn’t as bad. I have to go somewhere so that I can figure out what to do.” The boy shook his head sadly and asked himself, “Who am I?” He started to walk toward the exit sign.

Just then a bell dinged and the elevator door slid open. A white-haired man in a lab coat came out and stopped at the desk. “Hello, Dr. Smith,” said the receptionist.

Hank hesitated for only a moment and then grabbed hold of his two sisters, saying, “Come on. We found him. We’d better not let him wander around.” The three of them headed out of the door and quickly caught up with Sam.

Want to read more? This is the end of the excerpt by Joan C. Kelly, but you can purchase the book at Hiding the Stranger in Hickory Valley

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